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Heating Pad


Heating Pad :

Have an injury you're nursing? You could use a couple of these.

You will find these pads so therapeutic for sore muscles, tense shoulders, or warming yourself on a cold winters night!

Winter nights, here in the high desert of New Mexico, are cold. Our family will be lined up in the kitchen waiting for the Heating Pads to come out of the microwave to take off to bed with them. Their preferences is one at their feet, and one to snuggle with. It's quite amazing how long they stay warm. You will learn that warming them 2 min. to 3 min. will last 20 to 30 minutes, and under the covers even longer!

The colorful Native American print is of cotton fabric and filling is all natural too!

These will bring a smile and warm the heart of whomever gets to enjoy their great function. You will get years of use.

Order one today as a gift, or put it to good use in your house.

An added benefit is by chilling in the freezer you will enjoy the opposite effect in the summer! It will chill you to the bone. They are great for controling swelling after an injury too!

Size: 5" wide, 13" long

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