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Listening with your Heart


Lessons from Native America

"The spirit runs through the body," says Dr. Peate, a practicing physician who draws on his Iroquois heritage as well as his Western medical training.
Listening with Your Heart is a beautifully illustrated gift book offering a rich gathering of time-honored sayings, sacred words, and practical suggestions to improve your health. Listen - with your heart - to the words of these wise men and women.

"May the story give you strength. May the belief relieve your pain." Mohawk/Onondaga healer

Working among Native American patients in the southwestern United States and the beliefs of traditional healers this 'modern medicine' doctor was awakened to his heart and the teachings of ancient wisdom for healing.

Inspirational reading, enjoy!

Author: James C. Faris
artistic illustrations, 80 pages. hardback 5 3/4 x 6

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