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Navajo Tea - Bundled


Ahh Navajo Tea, enjoy a cup of Navajo Tea today!
Now you can enjoy a pot at a time where ever you live! Grown here on the Navajo Reservation and surounding area. You will find it has a cleansing refreshing taste and will be aiding your immune system at the same time. We use it to help fight our common colds come winter time. You will find it is a great summer time treat as ice tea.
Fabulous gift item for those that miss the wonderful taste of Navajo Tea. Yes, this is the same tea that your Navajo grandmother would bundle and store away.
Bundles of tea in the raw form are boiled in a quart pot and can be diluted to make a gallon of tea, or at full strength if you like. Navajo Tea will leave such a refreshing taste in your mouth you will enjoy it year round. Order some today.

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