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Natural Sudsy Southwest handmade soap.
This Sudsy soap of the serene Southwest is cured in the enchanted high desert air of the Rio Grand valley protected by the majestic Sandia mountains of New Mexico.

This combination allows the soap to harden naturally creating a sudsy moisturizing soap that lasts and lasts and lasts....

Why Natural soap?

They last longer and are better for you. see below:

Natural bars made with vegetables oils should not even be mentioned in the same topic with commercial soap bars. Why? Well here is the difference. Commercial bars use sodium tallowate (rendered animal fat mixed with lye) as their base ingredient. Then they fill the rest of the bar with inexpensive detergent and synthetic ingredients that strip you skin of its natural oil and dry it out so you will be buying moisturizing lotions to bring it back to life.

Try these soap natural bars for a couple of weeks and you will be sold on this premium product. Your skin will thank you.

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Ingredients: Palm Kernel, Palm, Olive, and Soybean Oils, essential and fragrance oil, colorants.

Size: approx. 3 x 3 x 1 inches  6 ozs

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