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Concha Belt – Satin Finished Sterling with Turquoise Cabochons


“Concha” means shell in Spanish – and they are so-called because of their resemblance to shells. Conchas were introduced into Spain by the Moslems as early as the eighth century, made their way to the New World, and are crafted for buttons, belts, bridles, and other decorative ornaments. Local Navajo artist T. Cayatineto stamped each one of these rectangular sterling silver conchas with a variety of designs, and rays leading to a domed oval in the center, mounted with a turquoise stone (possibly King's Manassa turquoise). Why are the belt loops made of copper? Because the flexibility of copper allows you to easily adjust the conchas on the leather belt for a perfect fit! Prong on back of buckle, keeps your leather strap hidden behind the buckle on this belt for a clean look. You will be stylin’ as you “do the town” in this belt!

Size: Leather belt is 1" wide with 9 conchas and one buckle
Each concha is 2” x 3”
Leather belt is 53” long so belt is adjustable from 35” to 53”, depending on how much space you like between the conchas. Or it can be smaller if you want to take a concha or two off.

* Free belt sleeve included to protect this wonderful belt!

  • Model: FCBST
  • Shipping Weight: 1.15lbs

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