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Steering Wheel Cover


Direct from Navajo Spirit a unique style for your ride southwestern style. This striking accent makes a statement of pride with your chitty.
We spend so much time traveling in our vehicles these days, why not personalize yours. Cozy Pendleton trade blanket Steering Wheel cover to dress up your car and truck. You and your vehicle will enjoy a new look in its interior. With these comfortable steering wheel covers installed, no longer will your steering wheel be too cold or too hot but.... just right, and looks great too!

Navajo Spirit, constructed these of recycled Pendleton Trade Blankets from Native American life here in the southwest. This is not a product of Pendleton Mills, rather it is constructed from their excellent shawls and robes with their distinctive Native American history of their use. Made in New Mexico, USA.

Patterns will vary as no two will be alike. Background colors from blankets will be the dominant color. Steering wheel cover stretches over wheel.

Primary fabric: blanket 88% wool 12% cotton

  • Model: FSWC/C
  • Shipping Weight: 0.22lbs

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